05 Dec

Five Minutes with… ANGELLA PEARDON

Today is another Five Minutes With interview — this time with OTP Queen Angella Peardon.

1) We’re coming into summer (yay!)–how do the seasons effect your crafting?

The hot weather means I tend to scrap a lot later into the wee hours then the cold winter season, but I do find that the seasons reflect into more of my colour mood board that I scrap with.

2) You’re on the Maya Road DT and the Simple Stories DT. Could you name your top three products from each for the silly season?

This is a hard one as I have so many favourite products! But, if I had to choose… For Maya Road, I’d go with:  cotton spools, trims and wood. For Simple Stories: DIY Christmas range, photo stickers and insta squares.

3) What about non-DT related items?

You can’t get me away from anything vintage. I’ll pick up all sorts of bits and pieces. At the other end, I love digital brushes. And I love fabric, it gives my projects a different feel to them.

4) How do you go about recording your Christmas season?

Simple: mini books and more mini books. lol.

5) Any big plans for next year?

I’m teaching in Europe in May and June next year, but I’m also continuing work on a new project (in the scrappy industry) that I have been planning on for some time.

Thanks so much for spending time with us today, Angella!

03 Dec

Five Minutes with… KELLIE WINNELL

Today, I’ve been lucky enough to interview the wonderfully talented, Kellie Winnell, blogger of Give a Girl a Blog, owner of stamp business Kellie Stamps. And she’s one of our sponsors for the 12 Days of Christmas event!

First, a few of Kellie’s most recently layouts:

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1) Tell us your papercraft story. The how, the why and the when.

I’ve been papercrafting for almost 8 years. WOW that seems like a lot when I say it like that and to be honest it doesn’t feel that way with learning new things all the time. I started out scrapbooking, moved to purely cardmaking for a few years, back to scrapbooking, smash books then to project life and haven’t looked back.

2) Project Life seems to be your preferred style, what was it about PL that appealed to you?

The story telling, the memory keeping and the documenting of everyday life. In this day and age we all take so many photos. I like that this system allows for me to use many in one spread and share them with my family and my blog readers.

3) What made you want to start your own stamp business? Where do you find your design inspiration?

I started because when I was getting into Project Life I was frustrated with the lack of Australian way in stamping. I look back and I’m so glad I got into this, I absolutely love it. I get it from my family. By this I mean I look back over my album and think, what quote would suit that photo, saying etc and I go from there. People tell me, it’s like you’ve designed them for my pages. In a way they are?

4) Who are your favourite papercrafters?

Oh boy this list might never stop, no lie, many many amazing talented people. My go to for inspiration of late are Trisha Harrison, Jodie York, Rachel Del Grosso and Jessica Upton.

5) What has been the biggest lesson for you in papercraft? What’s the best piece of advice?

Two birds, one stone here… Don’t compare would be a lesson I learnt and my advice for you. I know some people don’t do this at all and my hat goes off to them. Then I know many people that have done or do and have blogged about it. Once I start comparing I start to get doubt in my work, design and pages. When I’m not? I’m on a roll, loving every moment and enjoy it so much. Lesson learnt!

To finish off, some more layouts!

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Thanks so much for talking to me today, Kellie!

27 Aug

Interview with Natalie E

Editor Note: today’s post has been created by Natalie May who, some time ago, interviewed Natalie Elphinstone and has been kind enough to be one of our first guest bloggers. Are you interested in being a guest blogger? Make sure you send us a message!

Where do you live?
I’m in Melbourne with my husband and two girls aged 7 and 4.

How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you start?
Like a lot of people, I started soon after the birth of my fist child. I was a stay-at-home-Mum for a while there and used the opportunity to feed my creative appetite for the first time in a long time. It was so therapeutic and so much fun that I haven’t looked back since. I guess that makes it about 6 years now.

Tell us what Design Teams you are on and other scrappy achievements!
I’m currently on the Creative Team for Studio Calico which has got to be one of the biggest achievements I could ever imagine. It’s a dream come true! Other highlights include things like becoming a Scrapbooking Memories Master, being a Jenni Bowlin Ambassador, Guest Designing for American Crafts, being regularly published and teaching at my first retreat earlier this year. It’s all one big exciting scrapping adventure for me at the moment!

Five favourite things to use on a layout?
Features you’ll find on nearly every single one of my layouts… a contrasting coloured background, machine stitching, paper layers, a splash of mist and most importantly, a good amount of journaling.

Do you have a favourite technique?
My favourite techniques change with the seasons. Right now I’m loving working with a colour combination and using it to guide my layers of papers, tags and labels underneath my photo. I’ll add some mixed media touches around the edges and made sure I leave plenty of space for the journaling.

Who are you inspired by?
There are literally 100’s of blogs I subscribe to so definitely too many to start listing. When I need inspiration I turn to 3 sources… my blog roll, my Pinterest boards and the Studio Calico gallery. There’s definitely always something new and interesting to discover.

What is your scrapbooking kryptonite (your biggest challenge)?
Recently I just invested in a dSLR, so I’m slowly challenging myself to take it off the Auto setting and figure out how to use the thing properly! But I know that having a great photo to begin with can be half the battle so I know it’ll be worth it.

What makes you happy?
The freedom that scrapbooking brings. There are no rules, there are no protocols, there are no rights and wrongs. Everyone has a different style … and it’s supposed to be that way! I scrapbook because it makes me happy to create and I get satisfaction from documenting the stories that I think are going to be important for the future. The Design teams and the publications are just perks!

Where and when do you scrap?
I’m lucky to have a dedicated room for all my scrap supplies. My husband likes to refer to this room as his study…. but we all know better than that. It’s really my scrap room! My routine is to get home from my busy day at work, unwind with the family and once the kids are in bed steal an hour or two away to play. It’s very relaxing!

Some recent layouts by Natalie! (and her Studio Calico gallery is here…)