WATER by Jen Hall

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Never have watercolours made life so vivid! Get the confidence you want with Jen Hall’s WATER workshop. Water is the third workshop in The Colour Series.

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WATER is the third of Jen Hall’s workshops: The Colour Series. She will get you excited about using colour, about getting messy and becoming confident in mixed media.

As part of this workshop, you will receive the following:

– Lessons to get you moving and confident in your chosen skill.
– Access our dedicated teaching spaces.
– Content delivered a variety of ways – video, downloadable handouts and step-by-step photos and detailed instructions.
– Beautifully designed handouts. Think magazine page-beauty.
– Exclusive workshop galleries where you can ‘show and share’ your creations.
– Ability to meet your teacher Jen and others doing the classes in our teaching spaces.
– Actual step-by-step, thoroughly detailed projects taking you from A to Z of each project making sure you get comfortable with mixed media.
– Email notifications from Papercut Labs when your workshop goes online – don’t miss a second of the workshop.
– A supportive, accessible environment to gain the confidence you want in creating your own art.
– Access forevermore to the teaching space, so you can learn at your own pace! (Or get a refresher.)
– A welcome video message from Ellen (Papercut Labs founder)

RELEASE DATE: Thursday 25 September 2014


Want to hear from people who have done Jen’s classes?

Jen Hall’s classes? Awesome. Colourful. Messy. Fun. Inspiring. If you wanna get messy, Jen’s your girl. I learnt how to embrace imperfection. And colour. And texture. — Julie N

I would never have thought Mixed Media is for me; it was just too intimidating. I don’t think I have been so excited about anything since I first discovered scrapbooking. Her classes are so much fun and so inspiring. Who knew getting inky could be so much fun! — Donna W

Jen will infuse you with a need for colour. Before Jen my colour was limited to white, white and more white, now I use the colours of the rainbow and absolutely love it. I created scrapbook pages before Jen, now I create Art. — Lorraine B


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