Stress Free Pockets: a self-paced pocket scrapbooking class
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Stress Free Pockets

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Have you got months and months of your pocket scrapbooking to catch up on? Too many products and never enough time? Linda Trace understands. She’s going to take you though the tips and tricks of catching up in no time!

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In this three-week course, Linda will be with you the entire way. The jam-packed three weeks will not only make sure you catch-up on what you haven’t done, but will give you hints on staying caught up!

The course

WEEK 1 of STRESS FREE POCKETS is all about getting set up, getting started and getting a base.

You’ll be introduced to Linda — who she is and what she’s done. Maybe you’re new to pocket scrapbooking: we’ll also talk about what it is and why it’s done. Linda will make sure you’re got all the items you need, how to print and the multitude of ways it can be done, and she’ll ask you to think about your process.

AND that’s just day one! The rest of week one will get you to start filling in your pockets.


WEEK 2 of STRESS FREE POCKETS covers ideas for things to document and finding inspiration.

Week two gives you some prompts on documenting and photos to take. Linda will also get to you think about things you want to try with your pages and how that can fit into catching up, and staying caught up!


WEEK 3 of STRESS FREE POCKETS is the big one: ready, set GO.

This week, you just need to get started. It’s a huge week with so much to do and think about: how do you want to pocket scrapbook? How will you maintain your creative groove? How will you improve each time? How will you make sure you don’t fall behind again? Linda will guide you through the trials and tribulations of documenting everyday.


What’s more, once you sign up for STRESS FREE POCKETS, it will always be available to you.

Even if we don’t sell it anymore, even if we upgrade it, this class will always be yours. Get in now and don’t miss your chance to get caught up today!


What you get

As part of the three-week class, you will get:

– Lessons to get you moving and confident in pocket scrapbooking, whether you need a refresher or are a scrapbooker wanting to gain pocket scrapbooking confidence.
– Access our dedicated teaching spaces which includes areas to upload your projects and space to chat directly with Linda.
– Content delivered a variety of ways – video, downloadable handouts and detailed photos.
– Beautifully designed handouts. Think magazine page-beauty.
– Exclusive workshop galleries where you can ‘show and share’ your creations.
– Ability to meet your teacher and others doing the classes in our teaching spaces.
– Actual step-by-step, thoroughly detailed projects taking you from A to Z of each project making sure you get comfortable with newfound or re-found card making skills.
– Email notifications from Papercut Labs when your workshop goes online – don’t miss a second of the workshop.
– A supportive, accessible environment to gain the confidence you want in creating your own art.
– Access forevermore to the teaching space, so you can learn at your own pace! (Or get a refresher whenever you want.)


Please note: the class begins in mid-March. All participants will get an email with class updates.


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